Leadership Project



Youth will be able to participate in the Leadership Project as teams to create a plan for a community project. Once back in their communities, the teams can implement their plans with the tools they received at the Prevention Summit.

Individual youth (not as part of a team) are still welcome to attend and will be joined with other youth for team activities.

All youth must have a chaperone!

Youth Track Description & Goal

The Leadership Project is for youth in middle and high school (ages 12 through 18). The goal of the Leadership Project is to teach youth in leadership roles to use the Strategic Prevention Framework to plan, develop, implement and evaluate successful strategies for their communities.

In these sessions, youth with their identified Team Adult Advisor, will receive information on substance abuse topics, hear examples of successful youth projects, and attend workshops to gain skills to use in their own projects.

Youth Team Information

  • Teams must consist of at least one Team Adult Advisor. The Team Adult Advisor will participate in the Leadership Project with their youth team.
  • Teams can be as small as one Team Adult Advisor and one youth, or as many youth members as they want. Remember, for every three youth, there must be at least one adult. So if your team is very large, be sure there are enough chaperones to cover this rule.
  • All teams should designate a Youth Team Name. The designated team name should be placed on all registration forms in the TEAM NAME field. The team name will be used to link team members together and can be used for youth introductions, and activities.