Conference Evaluations

Thank you for your feedback. Your experience is important to us! The deadline to complete the 2016 conference evaluations is Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

Workshop Evaluations

Please click the link below to evaluate each workshop session. Note: You will have to click the link each time you evaluate a session.


These are the evaluations for adult track participants only. Youth track workshops were evaluated on paper onsite. Thank you.

Overall Conference Evaluation

Overall conference evaluations will be sent out via email very soon following the conference. Each attendee will receive a personalized evaluation link that corresponds to their registration. Only upon completion of the overall evaluation, will participants receive their certificate for Continuing Education Hours (CEHs).

Upon completion of your overall evaluation, please allow 3 business days for your certificate to be emailed to you.

This is for all non-chaperone adult and chaperone adult participants only (not youth).

Helpful Tips for Online Evaluation

  • You will use the same link for all workshops. Click on which workshop session you wish to rate and the speaker, then complete the answers in the form regarding the session.
  • The overall evaluation is linked to the certificate system. You must complete that evaluation in order to receive a certificate. You will be sent a reminder if the system does not have answers from you.
  • The overall evaluation needs to have an answer for each field. Should you miss an answer, a red sentence will pop up at the top telling you that all of the questions are required. If you are completing this on your phone, you may not see this.
  • You will receive a specific email regarding your evaluation with a link specific to your registration. In this email, if you have “text only” email, then you will need to copy and paste the link into your browser manually.